Empowered Creative Fine Art represents the ability and creativity of the talented artists and participants at the Ann Storck Center, an organization dedicated to enriching the lives of children and adults with developmental disabilities. The Expressive Arts program at the Ann Storck Center provides program participants the opportunity to experience freedom from disability through creative expression. The program offers independence, promoting confidence and accomplishment as an artist, musician or performer. Read more..

As a contemporary multi-media artist associated with the urban art movement, Michael Amorillo is known for his large scale murals, abstract acrylic paintings, original character illustrations and vivid watercolors. Influenced by his early work as a graffiti artist, Michael is recognized for his free-form technique, introducing bold shapes and heightened colors with deliberate but unrehearsed movements. His paintings are defined by layers of form and color, asymmetry of line, and their symbolic and sentimental attachments. Read more..