The Miami Art Project is a community outreach foundation dedicated to introducing, restoring and sustaining arts education in public schools and child healthcare programs and raising awareness about the importance of the arts as a part of every child’s complete education and overall development.



What are the benefits of arts participation?

Learn how the arts impact education, healthcare environments and early childhood development.



Anyone who has ever seen a student become excited, energized, and confident through artistic exploration has seen first-hand how arts education engages children and contributes to their overall development. The primary processes learned through arts education promote habits the cultivate curiosity, imagination, creativity and evaluation skills.  



A continually growing body of research shows the qualitative benefits of integrating the arts into a variety of healthcare and community settings for therapeutic, educational, and expressive purposes.  Reports show that nearly half of all US hospitals are using the arts to lower stress and anxiety, create a healing environment and support the well-being of patients and families.



The arts are ideally suited to promote integrative strategies and interventions to reach children at various stages of their development and in multiple learning contexts. Arts participation has been associated with improved cognitive, social and behavioral outcomes and help young children cope with normative stressors and those that result from illness, disability, and healthcare experiences.



Empowered Creative Fine Art

See how the artists of the Ann Storck Center are proving that creativity is not limited by disability.


The Ann Storck Collection

by Empowered Creative

Empowered Creative Fine Art represents the ability and creativity of the talented artists participating in the Expressive Arts program at the Ann Storck Center, an organization dedicated to enriching the lives of children and adults with developmental disabilities. The Expressive Arts program provides individuals the opportunity to experience freedom from disability through creative expression. The program offers independence, promoting confidence and accomplishment as an artist, musician or performer.

Program participants create decorative and fine art in a range of mediums including original paintings, original mixed media artwork, and other household and ornamental items. Artwork reproductions are available including limited edition giclée prints, open edition giclée prints and open edition lithographic prints. Empowered Creative is operated by Ann Storck Center employees and volunteers with 100% of sales revenue benefiting the Ann Storck Center. Read more..



Michael Amorillo Art and Illustration

Emerging Multimedia Artist Michael Amorillo Brings Street Art to The Canvas and The Page.


The Storybook Collection

by Michael Amorillo

Michael “Monstrinho” Amorillo is a contemporary multi-media artist well-known for large scale open-air murals, abstract acrylic paintings, original character illustrations and vivid watercolors. Infused with personality and energy, Michael’s themed installations and character-inspired artworks celebrate positivity, diversity and creativity. The lovable characters, vibrant colors and whimsical themes engage and inspire his audience of children, families and the young at heart.

Influenced by children’s entertainment pioneers Jim Henson and Dr. Seuss, Michael creates thoughtful yet lighthearted imagery designed to inspire creativity, stimulate curiosity, and expand a child’s sense of the possible.

Evocative of classic children’s book illustrations, the Storybook Collection features a series of four unique artworks carefully curated for this very special feature. Read more..